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Pocketing Fabric is the cloth used in the manufacturing of Pockets of trousers, Jeans and Lining for Baby frocks and Baby suits. Pocketing fabric is manufactured by finely-woven, in pure durable qualities of Pure 100% Cotton and also various blends of Cotton and Polyesters by Woven process in the latest and advanced air-jet looms.

A pocketing fabric is not only for jeans, after all, but it also has multiple uses, it’s used in the hidden parts of the dresses to work as the main base support to give them a little more body feel than the main fabric provides, in (Baba suits, trousers, jeans, interlining for baby frocks, etc.) A pocketing fabric is also as essential as the other materials used in clothing, so it makes it important to be carefully chosen by matching the style, color, and durability of the accompanying apparel like skirts of tailcoats and frock coats also in order to give them the right drape. It is the thinnest, finely-woven material they are the first ones to get worn out. Which makes it very important for the fabric to stay strong while going through all the rough and tough wash cycle.

The perfect percentage maintained by us as the leading manufacturer and producer shows the strength and the quality of the pocketing fabric which goes unsaid, more the use of cotton softer the material goes. Providing the perfect buffing technique to the fabric is one of our technique to make the fabric more attractive, by the perfect count of buff not more nor less.

Key features of our Pocketing fabrics:

Appealing shades:


Appealing designs and Attractive pattern:

Our Design Pattern is:









We manufacture as per customer's demand with types of printed pocketing cloth on Twill and Matt Pocketing Fabric with perfection in quality and pricing, also with all types of customizable prints, which adds to the fashion appeal of the garment.

We maintain high stock to cater to all the requirements of both Bleached and Unbleached Quality of pocketing fabric. Apart from High Grade we also make economical Quality in Raw PC Grey.

Quality: We stock a range of 100 to 200 Grams per Meter, quality fabric, other variation in weight quality can also be made as per the requirement.

Pocketing fabric is made available in various Width between 90 to 148 cm. Non-Standard widths lower than 90cm or more than 148 cm can also be made as per the requirement.

Pocketing fabric is folded in various lengths between 40 to 50 Meters.

We at D.T.C have years of experience in the field, with all the latest infrastructure that enhances us to meet the preferences of our clients within the time period. We work by dividing our units into various departments like procurement, designing, quality control, sales, marketing warehousing and packaging, and more. Quality and customer satisfaction being the main motto of our firm, we are delivering fashionable range to our esteemed clients.

We are based in Kolkata and supplier to entire Eastern India, including Ranch, Burra Bazar, Howrah, Chatta Bazar, Metiabruz etc. We are very much interested to supply in Ahmedabad, Bangalore. Delhi.



Buckram is stiff plain weave linen or cotton fabric. It is made with its key ingredient as gum, latex or starch. It is mostly used for lining but also has many more uses to provide base shapes to garments, bags. Complete Range of Pant ka kapda, Trousers Pant Grips. We at D.T.C also cater to different qualities shapes and sizes of buckrams used for making of shirt collars, and various different garments to give a hard base to it.

We also have fusible interlinings and nonwoven fabric rolls for embroidery works.

Pant Grip

We at D.T.C also cater vide range of color and designs in pant grips, which improves the fashion appeal of a garment and makes it more comfortable for the person wearing the garment.



Designs in Pocketing Fabric

Pocketing Fabric Flower Pocketing Fabric Big Check

Pocketing Fabric Multi Checks Pocketing Fabric Floral

Pocketing Fabric Leaf Pocketing Fabric Cheetah

Pocketing Fabric small check Pocketing Fabric

Pocketing Fabric twill Pocketing Fabric Green

Pocketing Fabric Big Check Pocketing Fabric Printed